The design team are skilled in creating bold statements, and take pride in developing concepts that introduce fresh perspectives
to design.


Further translating project and brand messages to your audience with creative flare.


Our freelance team of film makers; plan, shoot and edit around your brief.


We have experience in commercials, short films, music videos, live music sessions, music festivals, corporate videos and many other productions.

i-SPEED_OMC - Services

 The OMC is working with Olympus to develop their state -of-the-art i-SPEED camera – taking it out of the lab and into the real world. 


Putting the camera to the test, the OMC have built an impressive portfolio of high-speed work; ranging from music festival to documentaries,
commercials and extreme sports. 

Our passionate photographers live to capture precious moments and paint portraits of life. 


Whether capturing live entertainment, delicate heart-felt moments or the natural beauty found in the wonders of life, our team
is able to meet your demands and contribute
a wealth of ideas and insights towards your photographic projects.

Working across both two and three dimensional
formats, from intricate animations through to complex three dimensional compositing, our animators are able to create a wide spectrum
of digital art to enhance your campaigns.

The i-SPEED shoots at full resolution (1280 x 1024)
at up to 2000 frames per second but those are just numbers. It’s the the colour and energy this camera captures that makes it so appealing. 


If you are interested in adding high-speed footage to your production, want to hire the camera or even buying it – come and talk to us.