From inception, our goal was to offer a refreshing approach to video production that was both innovative and sincere.


The Odyssey Media Collective was born out of a desire to create lasting works that were both aesthetically stunning and deeply emotive, it was within these two ideals that we were able to define our visual language and deliver projects that spoke to audiences in a voice they would recognise.



Arts Council Imager



Our flexible approach to developing, shooting and delivering projects is a result of an understanding for our clients’ goals, together with regard for their audience and the importance of creating real impact. As such, we have been fortunate to collaborate with a range of brands who subscribe to a similar ethos and vision.


By alligning with brands looking for a colourful alternative, we have been able to create a host of projects that clearly and successfully carry the brands message, whilst integrating the level of depth and energy that audiences have come to associate with us.



With each project we create, each client we work with and each location we shoot in, we always find new ways to carry a story and add a layer of depth to the message.


This form of ‘Experience Focused’ film making has become a recognisable aesthetic for The OMC and over the coming seasons we look forward to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling to greater heights.